Tampere Film Festival open desk

open desk for Büro Schwimmer with the festival directors of Tampere Film Festival, Thom Palmen of Riga International Film Festival and producer of this year's Tampere Main Award winner, the head of the international promotion of the Finnish Film Foundation, the distribution manager of AV Arkki, Markku Ruotsalainen of the Finnish Arts Council Taike and Sven Eggers of Schwimmerfilm / Filmkommunikation.

Kuopio Meetings at Kino Kuvakukko

Monday March 9 with the Film Secretary of Eastern Finland and a meeting at Taike.

On Tuesday March 10 there is a visit to the Kino Marita in Outokumpu and a meeting with the owner of Tapio cinema in Joensuu, a meeting with the festival directors of Viscult Ethnological Film Festival and the film secretary of the region.

film screening and talk with Sven Eggers

at 6:30 pm at Kerubi cinema.
Shown are the last two Findling Award winners of the Filmkommunikation Association at dokumentart film festival. 2000sqm with Garden by Tama Tobias Macht (GER 2013) and Majub's Journey by Eva Knopf (GER 2014)

For August 2015 Schwimmerfilm Sven Eggers shall teach at Timeout workshop in Heinävesi,
development of 20 documentary film projects.