Audrius Stonys

Audrius Stonys is the main director, of what got known as the poetical documentation school, which, coming from Lithuania with the end of Soviet Union in the beginning of the Nineties got famous. Sarunas Bartas and Arunas Matelis are the other two important inspirations.
Audrius Stonys was teaching at the Lithuanian Film Academy in Vilnius, at the International Film School in Ebeldtoft, DK, as well as a guest lecturer in many other institutions all over the world. He worked with Jonas Mekas. The Felix is just one of many prices.
All movies are shot and distributed on 35mm, but are available on DVD as well with at least english subtitles.

You can see his films on
the official homepage of Audrius Stonys and get more information on a
Stonys fanpage


Neregių Žemė / Earth of the Blind (LT 1992, 18 min. b/w 35mm)
Antigravitacija / Antigravitation (LT 1995, 18 min. b/w)
Skrajojimai mėlynam lauke / Flying over blue fields (LT 1996, 20 min. 35mm 1:1,37)
Uostas / Harbour (LT 1998, 10 min. 35mm)
Fedia. Trys minutės po didžiojo sprogimo / Fedia. Three Minutes after the Big Bang (LT 1999, 10 min. 35mm 1:1,37)
Skrydis per Lietuvą arba 510 sekundžių tylos / 510 minutes of silence (2000, BETA, 8 min.)
Viena / Alone (2001, 35mm, 16mm, 28 min.)
Paskutinis vagonas / The Last Car (feature film, 2002)
Tas, kurio nėra / Countdown (2004)
Ūkų ūkai (2006)


Audrius Stonys retrospective at the 10th International Short Film Festival in Siena

Four films by Audrius Stonys with an introduction ofSven Eggers. 12th of january, 2006, 8 pm, at Eigenreich cinema, Berlin.