Sven Eggers

A virtual underground line through the small town of Wismar, connecting sites like the railway station and the university is made vivid through 7 modular architectures. The single stations were each in a specific relation to the townscape by vistas or other incidences that could be felt physically. The bright blue sign with the U on top of the roof of this temporary buildings and a route map in the interior signalised directly the connection.

Combined with a lost property office in the Werkstatt-Galerie 20, got changed to a STATION, a communication between the inhabitants and visitors of the town was initiated. In the STATION a train in the scale 1 : 87 was driving continuously back and forth, accompanied by a 2-channel sound installation, that made audible the entering and pulling out of underground trains. Also from outside it was audible, more quiet, but enough to confuse and attract passers-by. A station’s clock aligned with the track showed real time.
On the gallery’s walls large photographs of the 7 inner city stations were mounted, all combined with a real lost property. Between the gallery’s pillars two waiting benches were placed and an ashtray. Two big signs on the wall signalised STATION.

Doreen Feresztyn, Uta Marchewka, Tina Schmidt, Sven Eggers

Thanks to: Georg Ihm, Dirk Robbe, Manfred Jürgens for the video, Deert Henrik Lafrenz for the Feldstraße Hamburg tape and the driver of the university.
Rudolf – Müller – Preis 1997


U-Bahn Wismar /the Wismar Underground

Sven Eggers
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