Miha Erman

Miha Erman (1980) is a Ljubljana based visual artist working in diffrent fields of art. In 2004 he graduated from sculpture studies in the Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana. Since 2006 he has been a Master student of Film studies at Academy of Theater, Film and TV Ljubljana and the Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana.
He is working in several theaters as director, set designer and sound designer, in film as director and set designer, and in animation and done several visual, sound and photography exhibitions. In the years 2006/07 he was programme director of the art cinema Kinodvor, Ljubljana. The film Nedotaknjen / Untouched is a part of his long term research of Haptic representation in Film.

Nedotaknjen / Untouched

SLO 2009, 15 min. 35 mm

It is an intense travel through the difficult motherhood of Maja. The film opens with her childbirth. From the off we hear the conversation between a doctor and the parents: “Your child has a severe malfunction”
The child is born with a physical and mental difference, that is strange and scares. After the birth, the child is taken to an institution in a forest. Years after, Maja goes there to see him, but she can not face him. She is not able to touch him, perceives him as a part of her body. She does not visit him again. Her imagination creates a phantomatic illness, rashes on her skin, which she sees in the mirror. The child's father, Marko, tries to calm her down: “I can not see it because nothing is there”. She pushes him away. Her perceived illness progresses, she locks herself in the apartment. It's a dark, moisty room, breathing, ringing. Marko finds her, after trying to call, dead in her bed. He unveils the window and lays beside her.