the Hellersdorf talks

Architect Sven Eggers talks to spezialists of urban planning.

August, 14th 2019 Michaela Janečková (Prague) - new urban settlements of ČSSR and DDR today. In english.
August, 21st 2019 Mike Hartwig (Berlin) - Institutions in the centre of Hellersdorf
September, 4th 2019 Agnese Sofija Kusmane (Riga) - soviet urban space planning
September, 11 2019 Andrej Holm (Berlin) - ground politics in housing areas
September, 18th 2019 Iris Grund (Glienicke) POSTPONED DUE TO ILLNESS experiences as GDR city architect
October, 24th 2019 "Sonja" film screening and film talk with director Kirsi Liimatainen

Starting always 7 pm at NGDB Hellersdorf. > the complete programme

Hellersdorf as keystone of the great promise of GDR to solve the problem of housing until 1990, was completed as the GDR dissolved. 30 years after there should be enough distance to draw up a summery of the promises of the "Socialist City" and its surviving parts in a new society. What were the ideas and images of the ones involved?

Which modells stayed unrealised? Which rolls do such settlements play in a future good urban life? What has to change? How do we want and how are we able to live an urban life? In approximatley 20 years Hellersdorf for itself will reach the status of a metropolis. How is the city prepared for this? Which institutions are needed, which possible?

A project of Büro Schwimmer and the NGBK.