Kuldiga Seminar

Kuldīgas ebreju kopienas vēsture un likteņi holokausta laika
The Kuldiga Jewish Community during the Shoah.

From 25th to 31st of July 2008 in Kuldiga, Latvia.

It includes, lectures, excursions, work on interviews and other documents, as well as techniques.
No entrance fee. Free accommodation and food.

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Screening of the movie “Šoa” / “Shoah” at the former synagogue
On the 25th, at 7 p.m. and 26th of July, at 8 p.m. on the street facade of the former synagogue and cinema of Kuldiga.
An introduction will be given. It is part of the lectures of both days, see timetable.
The film is shown in French, Jiddish, German, Italian, Hebrew, Polish and English with English subtitles and Latvian simultanous translation for there are no translations to Slavic or Baltic languages. 550 Minutes in total. France 1985.
Claude Lanzmann's (*1925) film is a milestone for the public perception of the Shoah. It is hardly shown in Eastern Europe.
With technical support of the Kuldiga muncipality and Zabadaks.

press review
Zināt un saprast Kurzemnieks, otrdiena, 29 jülijs 2008
26th of July, Kurzemniks image request
19th of July, Kurzemniks announcement “Šoa”

Internship offer
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With support from
the Jewish Council of Latvia / Latvijas Ebreju draudžu un kopienu padome and
the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Thanks to Nekac, Kuldīga.

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