OPEN CALL Bangladesh

We are pleased to invite collectives or individuals to apply for project funding of one or more projects within the frame of 400 000 BDT.
We hope for genuine proposals for experimental or creative or pilote projects, which either target marginalised or threatened people in society in a wide sense or they experimentally explore environmental or city planning or educational issues.
link to bangla version বাংলায়
no application fee

TIME frame

register, contact and q&a in the facebook group OPEN CALL Schwimmer
1st round: deadline 2018 may 12
june: short-listed projects send in detailed proposals
2nd round: june-july public discussion of short-listed projects in Dhaka
final decision: after discussion
realisation: until july 2019 - preferably winter (exceptional prolongation negotiable)

the MUSTs - cordial invitation to apply

Applicants must love to work in non-hierarchic and socially mixed teams and include their target groups in the conceptual process and have a strong sense of responsibility on all levels: honesty, transparency, dedication, feasibility and budget. Formal higher-education is not necessary.
We'll support the work of the team/s the best we can.

WHO can apply

every Bangladeshi real person or collective
one responsible person in the team shall be able to read and write some english

the CANs - some of the many

your project fosters skills in collaborative organisation
your project has humour
your project empowers people living below poverty line, making them part of your team from an early stage on
your project is an invention
your project involves photography
your project connects practices and skills from different spheres of reality
your project includes practices of research and thinking beyond an academic framework
your project is satisfying
your project might work as a prototype
you or your project don't fit to other funding frameworks

link to your APPLICATION details

photos: Agentur Schwimmer