S V E N  E G G E R S   L E C T U R E S

"Actualness and Fiction in Documentary Film", Kuopio cinema Kuvakukka and theatre Kuopio, 2014
documentary workshop Timeout, Heinävesi, 2014
"Mean Ambiguities: Wall House and the Cooper Union", Cooper Union, New York City. September 19, 2013.
"After Berlin - myths in times of real estate", Cooper Union, New York City. November 16th, 2010.
"John Hejduk's abandonned chapel and the Black Maria", Studio 44, Stockholm 2009
"Questioning the image and the unrepresentable", Zabadaks, Latvia 2008
"memory, memorials, images", Shoah-symposium, Kuldiga town hall 2007
"Learn to swim in Berlin waters" guest lecturer at University of Ulster, Belfast (UK) 2007
"The Lithuanian Poetical Documentation", Eigenreich Cinema, Berlin 2006
"New Finish Art Cinema", Moi Suomi Film festival 2005
"artist talks" Galeri Platform, Vaasa 2004
"Von der Genüßlichkeit urbaner Räume" GNP symposium
/ "The idleness of urban space", lecture at the New Phenomenologist's Society, art museum / Kunsthalle Kiel 2001
"art in public space" guest lecturer at the university of art SYH, Nykarleby (FIN) 2002

film seminars: "Dogma 95 - Zwischen Einfühlung und Distanzierung / Empathy and alienation", "New technique - new people: on newness", "Brave Filme - Wagnis Kino : The New Biedermeier", "Silent movies never were silent", projectionist courses, all at Tikozigalpa cinema, Wismar 1999 - 2001

Sven Eggers
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