Non-stop History

An attempt to recall the mass murder of the Jewish people
in the Baltic in times of a new antisemitism.
Kuldiga as an example.

A Symposium.

Saturday, 1st of September 2007

13.00 meeting with the Jewish Council, guided tour through the Moskwa Forshtadt, visiting the sites of the former synagougues, Jewish schools, the ghetto, the Riga synagogue.

17.00 Visiting the Jewish Museum at the Jewish Council with Gita Umanovska

Sunday, 2nd of September 2007

10.00 meeting in Riga, investigation in the new mikweh, excursion with bus with driver of the town administration to the

12.00 synagogue of Sabile, Modris Liepa, the architect of the reconstruction of Sabile synagogue is guiding us.
Discussion with communal representatives, esp. Ojars Feldbergs, the artist and initiator of the Sabile synagogue reconstruction,

15.00 Search and visit of the mass graves in the woods around Kuldiga.

18.00 Arrival in Kuldiga

Monday 3rd of September 2007

Town hall of Kuldiga (Baznicas iela 1)

10.00 an introduction to the project, by Agnese Kusmane, Mike Hartwig, Sven Eggers

10.10 words of greetings by Inga Bērziņa, vice major of Kuldiga

10.20 Latvian provincial jews in the view of Baltic German writers by Helker Pflug (publisher, Berlin)

11.15 Kuldiga Jewish population in Latvia's political life: local and national aspects, 1918-1940 by Juris Dubrovskis (political scientist, Riga)

12.15 break and discussions

12.30 Eric Benjaminson (descendant from Kuldiga, Windhoek) talks on the perception of Kuldiga in the memory of Jewish ancestors.

12.45 Jewish life in Kuldiga in the 1920s by Bramie Lenhoff (webmaster of the Courland research group, lives in the US)

13.30 Lunch

14.45 Ruta Fridlendere (survivor, Kuldiga) talks about her shoa.

15.4 discussion

16.00 Heinrihs Freimanis (witness, Kuldiga) talks about the shoa in Kuldiga.

17.00 break, coffee, discussions

17.30 Martha Lev-Zion (historian of modern European intellectual history, Israel) tells about
the origin of the Courland Jews.

18.30 break, coffee, discussions

19.00 The "Aktion 1005" in Riga by Jens Hoffmann (historian and publicist, Berlin)

20.00 dinner

Tuesday, 4th of September 2007

Town hall of Kuldiga (Baznicas iela 1)

10.00 What is a synagogue? by Till Grallert (Jewish and Islamic Studies, Berlin)

11.00 Mikwe - the Jewish bath by Keren Korman (stage and graphic designer frm Berlin and Tel Aviv).

11.45 break, coffee, discussions

12.00 Sergej Rizh talks as the architect of the reconstructed Riga synagogue (He also is architect of the New Jewish and Holocaust Museum in Riga)

13.00 lunch

14.15 Gita Umanovska (Vicedirector Council of Jewish Communities and Religious Organizations, Riga) talks about the reconstructions of syangogues in Latvia and her experience in cooperation with municipalities

15.15 the aporia of forgetting by Aida Miron (urban planer and architect, New York City / Barcelona)

16.15 break, coffee, discussions

16.30 memorials, memories, images by Sven Eggers (artist, architect and curator, Berlin)

17.30 break, coffee, discussions

17.45 Agnese Kusmane (art historian and landscape architect, Kuldiga) talks about synagogues in Soviet times.

18.45 break, coffee, discussions

19.00 The conversion of the Kuldiga Synagogue into a library by Dace Reinkopa (Kuldiga district culture coordinator)

20.00 Historic and contemporary forms of antisemitism by Mike Hartwig (sociologist, Wismar)

21.00 dinner

thematic digests, discussions

Wednesday, 5th of September 2007

Cultural centre Nekac / Zabadaks (Vijolishu 24)

10.00 tour through the former synagogue

10.30 tour with Heinrihs Freimanis through the town of Kuldiga to visit and find places and traces of former jewish life

14.30 meeting with Ruth Friedlendere at her place to talk about the symposium's topics.

Discussions, working on scetches
investigations at administrative offices, and interviews with locals

Thursday, 6th of September 2007

Cultural centre Nekac / Zabadaks (Vijolishu 24)

13.00 examing the former prayer house and rabbi apartement in search for a mikveh

14.30 meeting with Ruth Fridlendere at her place to talk about the symposium's topics

Discussions, working on scetches and texts

Friday, 7th of September 2007

Cultural centre Nekac / Zabadaks (Vijolishu 24)

preparation and discussion of blueprints
meeting with Ruth Fridlendere

Saturday, 8th of September 2007

12.00 Town hall of Kuldiga (Baznicas iela 1)

words of welcome by Dace Reinkopa

public presentation of the results of the symposium
synopsis of the workshop
by Sven Eggers

discussion with Dace Reinkopa, Agnese Kusmane, Mike Hartwig, Sven Eggers and participants
full lenght text and discussion as audio document.

14.30 excursion to Aispute (Hasenpoth) synagogue

15.30 excursion to Liepāja, site of mass murder at Škēde

Sunday, 9th of September 2007

8.00 travel to Rīga (the bus picks people up at Zabadaks),

14.00 visit of the mass murder site of Rumbula and it's memorial in Rīga.


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